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Use the mobile app to connect with local guides. Choose who to book based on their reviews, their prices, and their location.

Step 2

Discover the cool and unknown spots along with your personal local guide. Experience the city like a local would.

Step 3

Become a guide yourself. Show people around your city, earn money, get reviews, and become the number one in your city.

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Our Story

We as Feeeb are a multidisciplinary team of students with a passion for travelling and getting to know the places we visit. We often had some problems with guides when booking them while travelling. Some were talking on their phone the whole time, some didn't speak English properly and some were just rude people. All this for a ridiculous price and with a minimum group count. Because of these minimum group counts we found the quality of these guides declining. Also, these standard tours are often very generic. We would like to see the real city we visit, not just the big tourist attractions. That's why we came up with Mr. Guide. Mr. Guide can make your city trip unforgettable and it'll allow you to never miss the best sights. It's about finding those cool and unknown spots that only locals really know and skip those the tourist traps. Discover cities by meeting with locals who know their city inside out. Our story can, and will not be told without you. We accomplished a lot in a short time, but there's still a more to do. We truly appreciate your support for Mr. Guide and keep sharing your cities!

The Team

Boy Hultink


Eline Gommans

Creative Director

Erik-Jan Westendorp


Fleur Köhler

Project Manager

Erik Kiewiet

Creative Director


Feel free to contact us at if you experience any trouble or have any questions that are not listed above. For example, about your booking a guide or if you need any help setting up your profile, navigating the site or if you come across any issues while using our service. We are always trying to improve our services and we're happy to hear your suggestions and feedback!